“The Nonprofit Mentor” was not created either to create an attorney-client relationship or to substitute for that relationship through any information provided to the reader. Under all circumstances readers should seek out the advice and counsel of their own legal or other competent professionals for matters requiring their services. Readers may not and should not rely upon the information or comments provided in this blog.

The information provided in this blog is intended for general and educational purposes only which may or may not apply to a reader’s circumstances.  The contents shall not be construed, considered, or used under any circumstances as rendering legal advice or forming an attorney client relationship. While an effort is made to use current information, information may or will become dated or superseded by statutory, regulatory, or case-law at either the federal or state level, especially the longer the information remains on the blog.  Further, each jurisdiction or state’s laws may vary on a given issue or topic from any noted here. There is and shall be no representation that the information proffered may or will be applicable to a reader’s circumstances.

To insure compliance with IRS regulations, readers are informed that any information, comments, or advice contained in this communication (including any attachments or links to other sources of information) was not intended or written to be used and shall not be used by the reader or any third party for the purpose of: (i) avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Code or other applicable law; or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any tax-related matter address in this communication.

Links to other websites or information shall not constitute an endorsement or recommendation as to any service, product, advice, or information contained therein. Third parties maintaining these sites shall retain sole responsibility for the information contained on them.  In the event a link does not work or is out of date, please contact me with the name of the post and purported link.

A reader who relies upon information contained in this blog does so at their own risk and assumes all liability and responsibility.

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