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Alzheimer’s Association – Statement of Relationship

As the Alzheimer’s Association experiences simultaneous disaffiliation and consolidation of its chapter network, I recall the months long process which created the association’s State of Relationship.  This agreement guided the relationship between the chapters and the national Alzheimer’s Association for … Continue reading

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Closing Down A Nonprofit

The decision to close a nonprofit challenges a nonprofit’s board and stakeholders.  What experience have you had in closing down a nonprofit?  Click to read my Philanthropy Journal article “Closing Down the Nonprofit”   which outlines several ways by which a nonprofit may close its … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Association – Disaffiliation and Arbitration

In my earlier post I provided personal history related the creation of the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Statement of Relationship” (“Agreement”).   This agreement defines the  legal relationship and obligations between the national Alzheimer’s Association (“National”) and its chapters nationwide.  This agreement guided the recent disaffiliation and … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Association’s Statement of Relationship – A Brief History

In the fall of 2009 the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association (“ENC”) board of directors voted to disaffiliate from the national Alzheimer’s Association (“National’) headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.  I understand National then responded in kind.   As with many soured relationships, there was a long … Continue reading

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