Alzheimer’s Association – Disaffiliation and Arbitration

In my earlier post I provided personal history related the creation of the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Statement of Relationship” (“Agreement”).   This agreement defines the  legal relationship and obligations between the national Alzheimer’s Association (“National”) and its chapters nationwide.  This agreement guided the recent disaffiliation and arbitration process between the National and Alzheimer’s North Carolina (“ANC”) the successor organization to the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association (“ENC”).   The Agreement defines
“disaffiliation” to be the termination of a chapter’s member status with National.

Created through an open and transparent process which solicited and reviewed several hundred comments from all sectors of the Association,  the “Statement of Relationship” provided that national and a chapter had complete control and responsibility for these assets and liabilities without interference from the other so long as a membership relationship existed between them.  The “Statement of Relationship” anticipated a disaffiliation.  At the core of their dispute was the issue of who will control approximately one million dollars in assets which ENC reportedly accumulated during more than twenty six years of operations.   

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